Essiac…the answer to your health problems, diabetes, arthritis, etc.

Bruneau shares about essiac, Rene Caisse, R.N., who healed thousands with it. He also shares how to make essiac and how his mother was healed of leukemia.

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  1. AMEN to you Donald!!!.Such an inspiring video and you’re right prayer is essential to healing!!!…I just bought this tea tonight for my mom, she was diagnosed with cancer yesterday. Thank you for this video and GOD bless you!!!

    1. stacy lynn
      Hi Stacy…

      Thanks for your comments….much appreciated.
      Donald Andre Bruneau

    2. stacy lynn May I ask where you were able to purchase this tea ? My friend was recently diagnosed with lung cancer….


      Hi Susan….

      You may buy the ESSIAC at…

      Ask for the brochure (same as I used on video, and very informative) when you order. The website is very informative…you will see.
      And let us also pray for your friend’s healing both physically and spiritually.

      God bless you..

      Donald Andre Bruneau

  2. Where did you buy your essiac tea from ? There are some essiac liquid sold in health stores would that be the same ?

    1. Rick Ferr


      It is the website I refer to on the video. All info you need is on that website. Also they will send you the 16 page booklet I refer to on the video.
      Prices..etc are all on the website..excellent.


      Donald Andre Bruneau

    2. Donald Andre Bruneau what do you use to filter the water after tea has finished boiling ? Can I bottle spring water ?

    3. Rick Ferr

      After tea has finished boiling for 12 minutes… your leave it in the stainless steel pot for 12 HOURS.
      Then you stir it well and pour it into 8 ozs or 16 ozs glass bottles with the sediment.
      The sediment will remain in bottom of bottle which is KEPT IN FRIDGE.

      Read the booklet when you get it with your order (see my last reply to you) all instructions are there or on website I gave you.

      Enjoy the great benefits of ESSIAC.
      P.S…Google…. benefits of ESSIAC ….

      Donald Andre Bruneau

    4. Donald Andre Bruneau thanks okay got it. I’m kind of confused some people reheat the tea after 12 hours in the morning then pouring it in bottles is that what u do ?

    5. Rick Ferr

      I have always only boiled it …once…never twice and I can’t recall ever having read instructions to the contrary.

  3. Why does it say to sterilize the bottles with hot water , what about all the tea pieces in water do U drink or did you filter it before putting in bottles

    1. JacquelIne Nason

      You are very welcome. ESSIAC is truly a GODSEND.

      I have used it for many years with great results.

      Donald Andre Bruneau

  4. GOD IS my first choice in all things. All that you are teaching people here, especially about Our CREATOR AND MAKER IS SO TRUE AND POWERFUL. Thank you for sharing and GOD Bless you abundantly.

    1. Aniyah di Lioness

      3 or 4 times a day if you wish. Start off with a small dose and increase it gradually.
      is a very good site to order from and answer all possible questions.
      They send a very good brochure to anyone who orders ESSIAC from them.

  5. I take Essiac Tea four times per day. 1/4 cup of tea mixture to 1/2 cup of hot water and take it when my stomach is empty or close to it. Also with this tea I have completely changed my diet and went vegan eating 90 percent raw organic fruits and vegetables. I drink 10 pounds of carrot juice daily along with green smoothies. Take plenty of pancreatic enzymes about 12 -1200mg daily with vitamin K2-D3, zinc, niacin, C. You cannot have sugar, meats, cheese or any kind of dairy. God bless to all! update still here with small cell lung cancer two years after diagnoses no chemo or radiation just Gerson diet and essiac. 4-22-18

    1. Henry Kinsey Vegan diet was not good for my diabetes I’ve switched to keto, losing weight finally and doing much better

  6. I very much enjoyed and appreciate your excellent outstanding video! Thank you so much! I would very much appreciate your liking and to my youtube channel as well. Thanks again for this great information! Peace and God Bless, Linda

  7. I just ordered. Planning to use it for my mom with recent Alzheimer’s diagnosis and step dad with recent cancer

    1. Rachel Widman

      Glad to hear this Rachel. ESSIAC does wonders for our health…you will see.



  8. I think I’m taking too much, I feel like there is a dense ball of energy inside me like I’ve just had 6 cups of coffee or something, it’s almost frightening, I think I’m going to cut down

    1. Bread Sandwich

      yes…that is possible because ESSIAC greatly increases ENERGY LEVEL.

      Spread your intake throughout the morning and early part of afternoon.
      Do not take ESSIAC in eve or you will spend night AWAKE.

      God bless!

      Donald Andre Bruneau

  9. Dude! How can you wear that honking big cross while happily sell what is easy and cheap to make at home?? Aren’t religious people supposed to help their fellow man instead of trying to blood suck money out of them?

    1. Deb Lapushinsky

      I don’t sell ESSIAC.
      I simply do this to help people in THIS LIFE.

      I wear the Miraculous Medal and St. Benedict CROSS to bring people to Jesus Christ…our Saviour.

    2. Deb Lapushinsk

      I do not sell ESSIAC . I simply inform people of the benefits of it.

      As for the Miraculous Medal and the St. Benedict Cross..if only you knew the awesome treasures they are.
      Praying for you.
      God bless you.

  10. Then direct them to the numerous videos on how to make it if you really want to help. It would be much more beneficial to those suffering from cancer such as myself. The abundance of snake oil salesmen out there is astronomical.

    1. Deb Lapushinsky

      I repeat to you Deb…I don’t sell ESSIAC.. matter of fact I have given much away to people so they can try it.
      I did this Video simply to HELP people..
      but for some reason you do not see this.
      God bless you..

  11. i have cancer at my voicebox. I am doing essiac, paw paw, and changed diet 70% to Gerson. Not having thyroid taken out UNLESS it keeps getting larger and i have no choice. So far so good. feeling pretty confident one of these will do the job.

  12. I love your video. I love your mom’s 3 words of wisdom. And I love your cross!

    1. Dianne Anderson

      Thanks Diane..

      You may wish to scroll down and watch 3 short videos where I interviewed Mom at age 80 to get her spiritual testimony.


      Donald Andre Bruneau

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