The Benefits of Essiac Tea Will SHOCK You!

25 thoughts on “The Benefits of Essiac Tea Will SHOCK You!

  1. Hi I could listen to you two all day. Your voices are amazing. Real radio
    voices. Your conversation is amazing.Thank you very much for your work.
    ~~~Nancy P.S. I am using a form of that tea (approved by Rene Caisse)
    called FlorEssence. My thyroid is spectacular; and my cholesterol too. I’m
    taking many other things too.

  2. Theres fluoride in levaquin . Its pure evil . I got it interveinus and I
    am thankful to be alive. 

  3. +WildBill6942 Hey bill try allicin at a natural stabilized antibiotic from
    garlic nobel peice prize of peter josling first in history to stabilize you
    have email i can send mp3 file of it.

  4. I use it for energy and for my psoriasis helps it heal quicker after eating
    trigger foods. Doctor’s seem to be only good for tests.

  5. Too much non related stuff at the beginning for what I expected to hear
    right into the tea

  6. Been listening for over 7 minutes now- This is supposedly a talk about
    “Essiac Tea”. What the ????

  7. The tea really helps the body. I can feel my circulation improve, I sleep
    better, have energy and a host of other things.

  8. YES! You acknowledge the HIV=AIDS=DEATH HOAX!!! House of Numbers,
    Positively False, How Positive are You? Joan Shenton – all great resources
    to learn about it!!! 

  9. Big fan of extremehealthradio, but this was flat out cruel to drag folks
    this long without staying on topic.

  10. The Thousands of people who put their Faith is this “Wonder Cure” , Who
    died : Can’t write “Testimonials” can they?
    Most “Medicinal” Herbs are Toxic .
    This “Tea” ( Snake Oil) Is thought to be a carcinogenic. See Wikipedia.

  11. 20 minutes of intro..too much nonsense in the beginning…annoying…please
    cut that music

  12. more than 5 minutes in and not a word about essiac. I don’t care about what
    movie you just watched or if you are in your sana or not. I clicked on your
    link on a Google search for essiac. I am getting ready to stop listening.

  13. Burdock just on its own can do a great deal of detoxing ,and it grows in
    the wild or my back yard also dandelion root tea will also help .

  14. Actually some herbs have been shown to have anti-cancer benefits (In the
    lab) However they aren’t “Medicinal Herbs” But cooking herbs ; Garlic
    ,Turmeric with white pepper (Piperine) Hot peppers (Capsaicin)Parsley…

  15. What is Essiac?
    An ancient Canadian Ojibway Indian herbal formula is being recognized by
    many worldwide…

  16. hi
    i watched the history about caisse -essiac Tea the fda AMA band it she
    cured 10’s of thousands of people they did her dirty.. but now the tea is
    being is was band illegal to sell.unless unless its not the real
    Caisse Essiac Tea she was the only one who had the recipe when she died.
    did her family sell it to AMA FDA when she died..?
    Casey would not sell the tea recipe where did this recipe come from thats
    being sold on the net ???

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